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Fuseki Follow-On 2004 Results

A second Fuseki follow-on tournament was held in Guildford on Sunday 2004-10-17. In this tournament, a professional game had been chosen (by Des Cann) which had a close result and was adjudged close after the fuseki (after move 29 in this case). Each player played this same game four times, twice as black and twice as white.

Unlike the previous event, which was only open to 1k and 2k players, 2004 was open to all players. This meant that whilst the draw would do its best to pit like strength opponents, there would obviously be some uneven games - no attempt was made to compensate for this. Prizes were given for 3 or 4 wins.

The day started with fifteen minutes after registration for familiarisation with the starting pattern. The games were then played on 35 minutes each, sudden death. Komi was 5.5.

The tournament is not suitable for inclusion in the EGF ratings database. However the results are:

#   Name                Grade   R1   R2   R3   R4   Wins  Diff
-   ----                -----   --   --   --   --   ----  ----
1   Jim Sadler          1d      B2-  W4+  B5+  W3+   3    +7
2   Brian Brunswick     1d      W1+  W5+  B3-  B4+   3    +7
3   Jim Metcalf         2k      W4-  B6+  W2+  B1-   2    -2
4   Sue Paterson        2k      B3+  B1-  W7-  W2-   1    -2
5   Steve Bailey        3k      W6+  B2-  W1-  B7-   1    -4
6   Malcolm Hagan       4k      B5-  W3-  W9+  B8+   2    0
7   Ron Bell            4k      W8-  B10+ B4+  W5+   3    +2
8   Peter Fisher        5k      B7+  W11+ B12+ W6-   3    +22
9   Anna Griffiths      6k      W10+ W12+ B6-  B11+  3    +22
10  Jil Segerman        8k      B9-  W7-  B11+ W12+  2    +12
11  Pauline Bailey      16k     B12+ B8-  W10- W9-   1    -27
12  Stephen Bashforth   18k     W11- B9-  W8-  B10-  0    -37

    Black wins                  3    2    4    3     12
    White wins                  3    4    2    3     12

Where "B99+" means that the player was black against opponent 99 and won the game.

The "Diff" column shows the total grade difference across all the games - For example Jim Sadler was respectively 0, 2, 3 and 2 stones stronger than his opponents, or 7 stones in all. Thus it is not surprising that those with a large positive Diff won several games and those with a large negative Diff lost many. This is one of the reasons for wanting to find a means of handicapping the games without changing their nature - the day was intended to be (and by general concensus was) interesting, fun and educational.

The first 10 moves of every game were recorded, and several were recorded in full. It is intended to analyse these and produce a review booklet in the near future.

Dia 1 - The Professional Game.

Dia 1
White 30 to play.

The professional game was one of the Castle Games played in Japan in 1860. Black was Hyashi Yubi 7 dan and White was Shusaku 6 dan. Komi was 5.5. White won by 4.5.

Thanks to all who have helped make the day possible and to those who have volunteered to help analyse the games to produce the review booklet.

For future events, it is thought to be worth seeing if some fair handicap can be imposed for uneven draws - for example "10 * (handicap - 1)" komi to the weaker player has been suggested. This would not be such a problem if many more players entered spanning the grade ranges.

Whilst the 35 minutes was 'OK', the sudden death caused some losses on time. Consider reinstating overtime.


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